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Heidi Abrahamson is the daughter of German immigrants who came to the United States at the height of the mid-twentieth century explosion of modern design. Her parents appreciation for architecture and design of the period was passed on to Heidi. While still in high school she found a particular fondness for modern silversmiths of the 20th century. She began collecting works of N.E. From, Georg Jensen, Andreas Mikkelson, Esther Lewittes, Ed Levin and others. The collected works of these silversmiths continue to be the inspiration for Heidi's work today.

At Indiana University Heidi studied fine arts and interior design. Leaving Indiana for Seattle, she began a career in visual merchandising for I. Magnin, The Bon Marche', Burberry's of London and other local retailers. A desire to create on a more personal level lead Heidi back to her early love of jewelry.

Heidi began creating beaded jewelry, but soon grew dissatisfied with what she saw as limitations of the medium. Her design sensibilities demanded a medium with which she construct and sculpt jewelry as modern architecture for the body. In 2003 she began working in the medium she came to love as child, silver. Heidi is also working with 14k and 18kt gold.

With just three basic courses completed in casting, smithing and stone setting, Heidi is primarily self taught. Her studio is open to the public and located in central Phoenix.